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#1 Spamming is disallowed

  • Bumping the same thread multiple times in a row, without other users participating
  • Posting many threads without any content
  • Posting the same thread or post over and over again

#2 Media advertising restrictions

Social media advertising is making threads or posts that serve no other purpose except to get members to view your social media accounts. This can include all forms of social media, such as YouTube, Twitter, Discord, etc. There are a few exceptions listed below, but otherwise, media advertising is disallowed.

#3 Public shaming is disallowed

Public shaming is the action of posting a thread, post, wall post, or modifying your accounts information in order to call out another user for actions that are commonly perceived as negative. This sort of content, as the name suggests, is commonly used to shame other users for the actions they have taken.

This can include:

  • Posting a report publicly
  • Linking to YouTube videos of negative behavior in your signature
  • Changing your username to call out, disrespect, or impersonate another user


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